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Growing our customers’ businesses or solving their problems in ways that meet and exceed expectations is the driving force behind Technical Products. We demand unlimited teamwork, innovation, creativity, quality and service in order to satisfy customer needs.

Technically, we manufacture paper. In reality, we solve our customers’ problems and thrive on doing this well. We welcome the opportunity to do this for you and your company. Examples of our commitment to solutions in action are shown in the case studies below.

Whether a customer requires greater tear resistance, higher internal bond or improved surface properties, we have been able to deliver.

A rallying cry frequently heard at one customer facility when they have questions about processing abrasives papers is “Let’s call Mike!” Referring, of course, to our own Dr. Mike Lindquist, Sr. Research Fellow. Our expertise is first to come to mind – for this customer and many others. In manufacturing abrasive backing for the largest (and smallest) abrasives companies in the world, the Technical Products expertise has always been evident.

From fingertips to microchip to printer, dazzling computer-produced images and graphics have rapidly moved from techno-dreams to everyday tools. But how do you move from printer to awning, truck trailer or T-shirt? The first step is ours.

Our image-transfer leadership has stayed ahead of our customers’ needs by producing a wide variety of materials, which can accept full-color images from nearly every type of digital imaging system in existence. These materials then give our customers the ability to transfer the image on to any material they have and wherever they have it.

A prospective customer was facing a costly manufacturing glitch developing a new product. The adhesive substrate being used for the veneer lamination would not allow for post lamination re adhesion. The only solution seemed to be a costly investment in equipment and a production process change.

We were able to address the problem as well as the costly equipment and process change with a slow cure, thermo set adhesive system. Developed by our R&D team, the new adhesive allowed for repressing the laminate should the moisture in the veneer inhibit adhesion during the initial pressing.

Needless to say, the customer is sticking with Neenah Paper Inc. product.



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