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Neenah Paper Technical Products Medical Packaging Paper Means You Shouldn't Have to Choose Between Performance and Price



Sterilization compatibility

Since Neenah Paper Medical Packaging Paper is extremely heat stable, it holds up under widely used processes - including autoclave and ETO sterilization.

Bacteria resistance

Our manufacturing process creates a paper structure that doesn't give microbial bacteria the direct path they need for package penetration.

Outstanding runnability

Count on Neenah Paper Medical Packaging Paper to run smoothly on a variety of packaging equipment - without creating static electricity that could attract airborne particles.

Quiet drapability

Expect a welcome change from the crackling sound and stiff feel of other packaging materials.

True conformity

Polymer impregnation lets Neenah Paper Medical Packaging Paper conform particularly well to the device or material inside.

Excellent printability

Its smooth surface combines with amazing brightness to make print crisp, clear, attractive and easy to read.

Wet strength

Neenah Paper Medical Packaging Paper does not break down in moist or damp conditions.

Clean peeling

Thanks to the internal bond strength created by polymer impregnation, opening a package doesn't trigger the release of fibers that might threaten the sterile environment.

Tear resistance

You can be sure that Neenah Paper Medical Packaging Paper is "tough enough" to do the job in most medical packaging applications.

Contact your preferred medical packaging supplier for more information on Neenah Paper reinforced papers or respond at the prompt below.

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