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Neenah Paper Technical Products Leadership Puts You Ahead

Our Durable Paper Products Help You Make a Strong Impression

Today, as always, there is a need to produce communication that stands the test of time. Neenah Paper Technical Products moisture-resistant, printer-friendly and graphically sharp papers can give you the enduring edge. From maps to menus, manuals to mailers, these unique papers offer an opportunity to make impressions that last through time and repeated use.

Neenah Paper Technical Products leads the way in research, technology and problem-solving. We know our business, and we're responsive to yours. Whatever your performance application needs, Neenah Paper Durable Paper products should meet them.

We're Compatible

The wide variety of durable paper products provide advanced designs to allow print fidelity, durability, conformity and compatibility with a variety of printing processes.

Printing Suggestions

  • Cut bands on skids immediately after arrival
  • Precondition stock for 24 hours prior to printing
  • Obtain inks that will satisfy end-use requirements
  • Wind sheets before printing or converting
  • Control fountain solution chemistry
  • pH target = 5.0; keep pH range from 4.5-5.5
  • Use 15-20% alcohol or an alcohol substitute
  • Keep dampening water to minimum
  • Maintain delivery pile height appropriate to amount of ink coverage
  • Waste paper should be consolidated and handled as solid waste; do not recycle due to latex content
  • Static control is important to all grades

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